Here's what i'm up to right now

Update August 10, 2016


  • Hosting extended meetings at SRC (Thursday - Sunday night)
    • Summer break (taking August off, see you in September)
  • Writing a book: Mission Accomplished (CHECK IT OUT HERE!)
  • Studying Philippians and Proverbs
  • Work-out routine: P90X3
  • Diet: Slow-carb diet / Kitogenic Diet
  • My four priorities:
    • 1. Actively engaging and being available for my family
    • 2. Being present and active to engage our leaders and fellowship at SRC
    • 3. Stewarding revival on the West Coast
    • 4. Being intentional to steward my relationships and commitments with the city of Newcastle and Renton
  • What I'm Reading:













  • Favorite New Gadgets:
    • SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive
      • I use this for backing up my iPhone and for watching movies on my iPhone.  It's 120 gigs, slim and sleek and easy to use.  One of my favorite new toys.













    • Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount for iPhone 6S Plus 6 Plus iPhone 6S 6 5S Galaxy Note 5 4 S6 S5 Retail Black
      • A must for all you Periscopers.  Great quality, comes with a carry case, and it will work with your DSLR as well as your phone.